Friday, June 22, 2012

My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop

I found out about this blog hop from Kicked, Cornered, Bitten and Chased, and I was instantly intrigued. I wrote my first "book" at age six (a non-fiction story about the school burning down), and have been writing ever since. I have some great poetry from way back when.

At least I thought it was great at the time...

The subtitle for these blogs might be, There's Something To Be Said For Maturity.

As you'll see, no angsty love poems for me--my primary theme was nature, with secondary themes of social justice and environmentalism. I haven't changed THAT much!

The Forest -- A Trilogy (written at age 14)

The bright sun shines
Down on the forest,
The waters are bubbling
With laughter.
As you walk down the pathway
The squirrels scold at you,
And the deer pause in a moment
Of curiosity
To see what goes on.
The birds are singing merrily away,
Bees buzz,
Flowers bloom,
All are gay.

Then suddenly the sky darkens,
Clouds scuttle,
Birds scream.
The forest is hiding,
Putting itself away,
Preparing for the torrent of
That will wash anything
Not tacked down
Then the darkness is filled with light and
The rain comes down
In streams,
Filling the cracks in the dry earth with
Precious water.
The heat of the earth rises up
As steam,
And the whole forest if relieved
Of a burden the heat brought --

Then the sun bursts through the clouds,
Dazzling all with its brightness.
Small animals are brave enough
To peep their heads out
And stare,
Fir the freshness of the rain has
Clothed the earth
In a carpet of
Flowers and green grass
Delightful to the eye.
The birds sing gaily as
The river rushes over rocks,
And all is
Bright again.

This is a big improvement over the drivel I wrote when I was twelve:

Nature's Morning

Dawn wakes on the hillside,
The woodland animals sleep,
As you and I still slumber,
The pink in the east is deep.

Then, almost in midmorning,
When the sun is in ths sky,
The woodland starts awakening,
And so do you and I.

Oh! What a beautiful sight to see!
Oh! It's a beautiful day for me!

Nature's Evening

There's a rustling in the grass
As the little creatures pass.

The sun is setting on the hill,
Making beuatiful the old mill.

Then the dreams shake out of my head,
It is time to go to bed.

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