Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Introvert Family On Vacation

Pretty much every year for the past thirty-seven years or so, my family has vacationed for at least a week in Algonquin Park. The last few years, I've had a place in the preaching roster at the park, and so have the use of a trailer at Lake of Two Rivers campground for a week. Lake of Two Rivers isn't our favourite campground by a long shot (in fact, it's our least favourite), but the trailer comes cheap, and it IS in the park, and so we go. Even our least favourite campground in the park is much, much better than spending the entire week at home.

I could put up scenic shots from this year and years past to show you why we go, and maybe I'll give you a couple at the end. But I thought I'd let those extroverts out there have a glimpse into how introverts spend their time on vacation. First up, Allison.

Allison likes to go hiking, and early Saturday morning she's off into the for the day:

Back at camp, she amuses herself by doing artsy things:

Or reading:

(This shot was from a few years back...)

Bill likes to read, too:

Christopher brought his notebook, but left the charger at home, so very soon after this picture he ran out of power and had to restort to reading real books:

Robin was either in the hammock or wandering around the campsite:

Of course I did a lot of reading: two and a half books. Sometimes in the trailer, but as often as I could in the hammock. I spent a lot of time looking up:

The perfect view, and snacks were close at hand:

On Monday morning, Bill and Robin went home and Allison took off into the bush for a three day, two night hike, leaving me alone with Christopher, who is self-sufficient in the entertainment department and who doesn't use the hammock. I spend TWO GLORIOUS HOURS swinging, not sleeping or reading, just daydreaming.

A little bit of heaven!